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Alpha-berry is rich in the top performing Australian Vitamin C extracts to deeply nourish, brighten and provide intense antioxidant protection throughout the day. While a vitamin C "serum" can be used in the morning or evening, most prefer to apply it during the morning since its antioxidant properties act as a shield to deflect pollution and other environmental aggressors. This Gracious Minds Alpha Berry Serum with Australian native mountain pepper berry has the natural properties of vitamin C and phytoactives. 

Made in Australia


- Applying Australian Mountain pepper berry topically reduces inflammation, redness, calms angry skin and revives a dull complexion.

- Mountain Pepper Berry is a potent source of Vitamin E, C and phytoactives.

- The powerful bioflavonoids Rutin, Anthocyanins, and Chlorogenic acid which act like a sponge to soak up free radicals that cause premature skin ageing.

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