Established in early 2021, Arithmos has taken a whole new approach to body care products, using micro-batched, hand-blended methods with high quality face-grade ingredients. Arithmos superfine body oils leave the skin truly moisturised, firm and hydrated, with the added benefits of mood-enhancing aromatherapy.

These decadent botanical oils have been discovered and praised by Australian industry experts, Australian magazines such as Grazia and POPSUGAR as well as people who have suffered from eczema, dry skin, and many other types of skin.

When we first discovered Arithmos we fell in love with their ethos and philosophy of skin. Arithmos values being transparent about their ingredients such as using high quality organic ingredients, they are micro-batched made in Melbourne, are vegan and cruelty free. Can they get any better?! Yes, they also use eco-friendly packaging.