Our Ethos

In 2022, founders and sisters Georgina and Victoria launched WILDFLEURS & CO, an online retail store offering natural, ethical, and organic Australian and International beauty essentials.

Having experienced skin sensitivities and multiple skin concerns, both sisters sought a natural approach to self-care with a focus on using natural products and methods to improve their skincare routine. With endless research they found that the chemical-heavy beauty industry was causing drastic harm to people, animals, and the environment. They both agreed that they needed to help this stop.

One day while sitting out on their back veranda on their farm, with a chai tea in hand and a glorious sunset for a view, Victoria began explaining how after much trial and error and payments on afterpay she wished there was a one stop place where she could purchase different natural skincare products that were sold based on effectiveness, rather than cult following. And thus, the idea of WILDFLEURS & CO was born on that very day.

Today, Georgina and Victoria are focused on creating an online shopping platform that inspires and encourages a community of individuals to buy natural, ethical, and organic products that help them enjoy and appreciate their moments of self-restoration.

Both sisters for years have tried and tested many of these products and want to have a place where people find it easy to access effective products that are also natural, ethical, and organic. They are also inspired to create a forum that provides intentional and authentic content, that encourages and inspires to embrace natural beauty, 'because you are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.'

We hope that you enjoy your timeless moments here at WILDFLEURS & CO where we are about body care for the mind, body and soul.

Much love x


As a community, WILDFLEURS & CO wants to encourage authentic, natural beauty, never covering imperfection, rather highlighting our beautiful natural features, that makes you…you.

WILDFLEURS & CO are passionate about natural, ethical, and organic beauty and believe that Australia has much to offer in this area. WILDLFEURS & CO aim to showcase Australian self-care and skincare businesses of all sizes, with a mission to support small businesses and ultimately improve Australia’s own supply chain. Victoria and Georgina are passionate and driven by natural beauty and the creation of such products.

We want to create a community that embraces one’s natural features, supports the ethical supply of beauty products and care for the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Let’s be a community that highlights and encourages natural skincare!